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A colocation server service provider or a data center company must have a building with sufficient specification, because it must be in place cooling system, fire suppression system, backup power like genset to keep data center service continuously operate continuously. This is the core of a data center in addition to backbone access data communication and security both physically and in software.

Customers who use the colocation service will place their own servers on the data center and then connect to a data communication network for both Indonesia and International (IIX and IX) bandwidth connections. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly.

Data center colocation users are not limited to hosting companies, but Indonesian companies with IT departments also have a lot of colocation server needs in their data center providers for their Server devices that are intended to support the company's business operations in order not to stagnate in the least. For disaster mitigation or disaster recovery center.

As described above, a data center has standards that must be met to be regarded as a data center and worthy of providing services, be it ISO standards and Tier certification standards from Uptime Institute. Higher security levels for 24 hours include using biometrics and CCTV cameras. Fire prevention is adequate according to standard.

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